brit_featureAfter receiving a $1 million gift from Give Back in 2015, Montclair State University became one of our first partner universities in New Jersey. This fall, Give Back supported its first student at MSU. Britney is now beginning second semester at Montclair State as a full-time student and her favorite classes are psychology and English. She meets regularly with her academic advisor and a Give Back liaison at Montclair State to discuss her four-year academic plan and how to make it a reality.

“I want to pursue a career in psychology because I love learning about people and why we do things,” Britney said.

Give Back prides itself on the universities and colleges they have partnered with and Montclair State is no exception. We work to prioritize the various needs of our scholars, providing support in whatever capacity will ensure the students feel challenged and fulfilled while in school.

“I went to a school where everyone looked like me,” Britney said, referring to her time at the Kipp Public Charter School. “I enjoy MSU because the resources we have and different kinds of people I’ve met here.”

Britney aspires to be a family therapist and believes that the challenges and triumphs she has experienced in her life have helped her for a career in this field.

“Personalities and helping others interest me as well,” Britney said. “I think family is a strong foundation to how people’s personalities develop and it’s something I’m interested in.”

In addition to taking a full class load, Britney spends her free time working at a daycare near campus reading to students and preparing them for kindergarten. Her time at the daycare has given her the opportunity to have a direct impact on her community, while also providing the funds necessary to afford school items.

This April 21st, Give Back and all of its scholars will follow Britney’s example and participate in community service projects across the country on the National Day of Giving Back.