Across America, only one in 10 students from low-income families graduate from college.

At Give Back, our mission is to change that. Our partners make it possible.

College Partners

Give Back’s unique financial model is based on the partnerships and generosity of our college partners. When we partner with a university, college or trade school, the school reserves a designated number of spots for Give Back scholars at a deeply discounted cost. This partner contribution means that our scholars attend a highly esteemed institution with tuition, fees, room & board covered. Our higher education partners receive an upfront financial contribution and a group of academically motivated, diverse students who are prepared for success.

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Community Partners

Mentoring is one of the key pillars of Give Back’s success. With our rapid national expansion, one way we help to provide the best mentorship possible is by building partnerships with organizations that have proven mentoring and support services. These community partners can focus on what they do best — providing mentorship and a support network for the kids in their area, while we continue to make higher education aspirations a reality for as many youth as possible.

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Corporate Partners

Many corporations and small businesses look for ways to give back. Whether it is by encouraging employees to become mentors, sponsoring an event for our scholars, or giving monetarily, we appreciate the support.

Mentoring programs are one of the most impactful ways to partner. We are looking for motivated, caring individuals who are committed to inspiring our scholars. In turn, the mentoring experience will help make these employees better managers and leaders.

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A donation to Give Back means more than just giving a chance to earn a college degree. It provides someone a life-changing opportunity to rise above adversity and break the cycle of poverty, incarceration, and other societal barriers that can change the world for generations to come. Donors are invited and encouraged to become as involved as they would like to be. Some donors simply follow the progress of our scholars, while others become mentors or participate in our development programs.

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Mallouk Scholarship Program

Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of Peter and Veronica Mallouk, we are proud to announce our first publicly-funded state, Kansas. To learn more regarding the devoted work of the Mallouks and their support of Give Back’s mission, visit their page here.

For those looking to invest in the future of our scholars, we work with you to develop tailored programs that best fit your vision.

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