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The Story of Give Back (3:24)

FOX 29: Founder Robert Carr and Scholar Riccardo Dale (3:02)

NBC10 News: $1.5 Million to Fund Scholarships (:30)

Media Coverage for Give Back

Inquirer Opinion: How Donors Can Do Better Than Bloomberg’s $1.8 Billion for College Tuition 

It’s not enough to simply donate to a private endowment. As Mr. Bloomberg knows, accountability matters for ensuring the desired outcomes. In written contracts, each of Give Back’s college partners agree to reserve a specified number of admission spots, with no cost to students for tuition, room and board or fees over four years, in exchange for a large upfront payment. Read More.

New York Times Opinion: Paying for College

The confusing language of college financial aid offers is especially overwhelming for first-generation and working-class students. The lack of transparency is a problem after admission as well, with little guidance to help students stay on track to complete a degree in four years. Read More.

WGN Radio: After Hours With Rick Kogan

Working Class to College: The Promise and Peril Facing Blue-Collar America authors Robert Owen Carr and Dirk Johnson tell Rick about some of the benefits of working towards a college degree. They advise on how to choose the right school in order to best allot college funds. Listen to Podcast.

Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row Lit Fest

“Working Class to College: The Promise and Perils Facing Blue-Collar America,” by Robert O. Carr with Dirk Johnson, was selected in 2017 for presentation in the Chicago Tribune Printer’s Row Lit Fest, the largest and most prestigious literary festival in the Midwest. The book was lauded by Lit Fest reviewers for its insightful examination of the hurdles that can block college admission for students of modest means, as well as its concrete advice for ways to earn a college degree without being overwhelmed by student debt. Read More.

Through the Fires: An American Business Story of Turbulence, Business Triumph and Giving Back

“A book that defines what it means to overcome adversity in business and life.” 

– Mitch Albom, author of “Tuesdays with Morrie” and “The Five People You Meet in Heaven”

Selected in Mitch Albom’s Top 15 Book Recommendations

Though the Fires is the story of a never-give-up entrepreneur who triumphs after age fifty…and the life-changing reason he is giving away a fortune.”

– Tony Robbins, #1 New York Times best-selling author, life and business strategist, entrepreneur and philanthropist


“One of the most fascinating books I’ve read in a long time.” 

– Rick Kogan, Emmy Award-winning broadcaster and host of “After Hours with Rick Kogan,” on WGN Radio


Working Class to College: The Promise and Peril Facing Blue-Collar America

All kids need is a little help, a little hope and someone who believes in them. Working Class to College shows how hardship can translate to scholarship.

-Earvin ‘Magic’ Johnson, NBA Hall of Famer and advocate for underserved urban communities

Working Class to College shines a light on students who have everything but money. Against a backdrop of crushing student debt and heartbreaking dropout rates, this book examines the pitfalls and pathways from humble backgrounds to ivory towers.

 – Michelle Rhee, former chancellor of the Washington, DC, public schools, and founder of StudentsFirst and TNTP

It’s a rare man who acknowledges that his accomplishments are to be shared with others. Bob Carr is such a man. One person at one organization made a small gift toward Bob’s education, but more importantly, Bob knew someone believed in him. Fast forward and thousands of kids are getting a college education, and more importantly they all know someone believes in them enough to invest in them. Bob is a special man, and this is a special story about appreciation, success and giving back.

– Peter Mallouk, JD, CFP, MBA – President and Chief Investment Officer, Creative Planning, Inc.

Community Champion for Child Well Being: Robert Carr

In April 2018, Give Back attended the first Children of Incarcerated Parents conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Founder, Robert Carr was the recipeient of the Community Champion for Child Well Being award.



Mallouk Family Gives $3M to Fund 150 Full-Ride Scholarships

Peter and Veronica Mallouk started the first publicly funded Give Back program in Kansas. The Mallouks were attracted to the program because of the emphasis on preparing students for college through mentoring, its success in other states and the fact that it is run by someone in the business world. Learn more.

$1.5 million Gift to Support Scholarships at RCGC and Rowan University

In recognition of this historic gift, Rowan College at Gloucester County unveiled the new Give Back Scholars Library. The newly re-named library will stand as a reminder of the powerful influence that higher education can have over the course of a life and the importance of ensuring every student has access to that life-changing opportunity. Learn more.