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Providing scholarships and mentoring to help lower-income students make higher education a reality.
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They are now without degrees and many struggle with prohibitive debt.

The Education Class Divide

Across America, lower-income students with high test scores are less likely to graduate from college than higher-income students with low test scores. Higher education is a pathway to social mobility and financial stability.

1 in 10 people from low-income families attain a bachelor’s degree by age 25.
Only nine percent of the lowest income quartile graduate college, compared to 77% of the highest income quartile.
On average, a college graduate will earn $1 million more in their lifetime than a high school graduate.

A Model for Success. A Promise for Tomorrow.

Give Something Back (Give Back) provides mentoring, college readiness programs and scholarships to students who face adversity every day, but are still academically driven. Success for our scholars means graduating in four years with no debt from tuition, fees, and room and board.

Give Back’s on-time graduation rate at a 4-year college.
Employment rate among Give Back alumni with college degrees.
Alumni who have carried on the spirit of giving back by giving or becoming mentors for the program.

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Change a life. Become a Mentor.

With a small time commitment, you can make a big impact.


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Books by Give Back Founder, Robert Carr

 Net proceeds go directly to Give Something Back

Working Class to College

Addresses the struggles and valiant efforts of students to overcome financial adversity and other hardships.  Drawing on the research and experience of Give Something Back, a scholarship program for lower income students, this book outlines strategies to chart a successful and affordable college path. 

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Through the Fires

A triumphant story of humility, possibility, breakthrough, and giving back that inspires readers to embrace the hope and promise that life is never an impossibility. Robert Carr reflects decades of struggle that took him to the brink of financial ruin at age fifty after one of the most devastating data breaches ever. Carr’s story is a vulnerable and honest depiction of starting true to the values that supported the turbulent times which allowed him to breakthrough in business, life, and in doing good for others. 

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