Our Mission

Give Something Back is a nonprofit, working throughout the nation, which guides students with a history of adverse childhood experiences to long-term success in a safe, caring, and supportive community.

Students are selected at the beginning of high school and each participant develops a Student Action Plan that explores educational and career opportunities.
Students pursue post-secondary paths including: trade schools, apprenticeships, community colleges and/or four-year universities are encouraged to avoid burdensome debt.
Students receive financial aid counseling for postsecondary education and may qualify for Give Back scholarships when appropriate.
Students work with professional coaches and volunteer mentors throughout their high school and college years, setting high expectations and respecting the dignity of diverse career options.
Students utilize opportunities in their community to become productive, self-reliant leaders in society.

The Give Back Difference

There are scholarships. There are mentoring programs. Give Back is both. And, our model is ground breaking.

Our Scholars

Give Back scholars are academically motivated and resilient. Most are first generation college students who come from families below the poverty line. A special outreach is given to students who have experienced heightened social risks such as foster care or the incarceration of a parent.

Investing in Futures

Every Give Back scholar receives a full scholarship that covers college tuition, fees, room and board, lifting the heavy financial burden associated with higher education.

More than Money

We select scholars early—as soon as ninth grade—so they benefit from college readiness programs, campus visits, financial aid workshops, test prepatory classes and social events. Scholars are required to take a rigorous courseload, remain in good academic standing and demonstrate strong character.

Mentoring is Integral

A pillar of our program is our volunteer mentors who support, challenge, guide and hold their scholars accountable throughout high school. Learn how you can become a mentor.

Powerful Partnerships

From our college partners to valued high school counselors, strong partnerships are critical to our success. We rely on the expertise of our community partners to serve as an extension of our team. Learn more about our valued partners.

Give Back’s Unique Financial Model

By utilizing government financial aid, in-state tuition and subsidies from our generous college partners, the Give Back financial model maximizes the number of scholars who can attend college at one of our valued partner schools.

How it All Adds Up:

  1. Give Back selects a partner college and provides a large, upfront contribution to the school.
  2. The college can use the contribution as unrestricted dollars for four years before our scholars ever set foot on campus—typically earning interest.
  3. In exchange, the college generously fills the rest of the financial gap so that tuition, fees, room & board are covered for the scholars.
  4. A written partner agreement outlines that the college will reserve a designated number of spots for Give Back scholars at a deeply discounted cost. This way we do not make promises we can’t keep, despite rising costs of college or future economic downturns.

How Do We Know it Works?

To date, we have pre-paid for over 1,500 scholars to go to college, an upfront investment of over $35 million.

Give Back alumni are succeeding:

90% college graduation rate
100% employment rate
Over 50% have become mentors

Many are now doctors, attorneys, executives, teachers, and more

What Our Scholars Say About Give Back:

“Without this scholarship, my likeliness of attending college would be slim to none.”

–Jayson A.

“There was one day early in the year that I went to check my student balance and was absolutely stunned when I saw a balance of $0.00. I don’t think I’ve ever seen or heard of someone having the blessing of a zero dollar balance for their college charges.”

–Jayson A.

“I will continue to give back to [Give Back] as much as I can. Right now, it may just be through mentoring and volunteering, but if I ever will be able to give back financially; I will definitely do that as well.”

–Samantha B.

“Knowing that I will be the first person from my immediate family to possess a four year college degree makes me proud, which motivates me to continue to work hard.”

–Antonio P.

“I am proud to be a part of Give Back because the community is made up of some of the best people I have ever met. I cannot wait to see how large the foundation grows and how many other people are positively affected by its reaches.“

-Catherine S.

“I continue to step outside of my comfort zone to grow as a person because of the potential that Give Back saw in me. I am thankful for all those that believed in me, including Give Back, and now it’s my turn to believe in those that can impact the future. “

–Guadalupe F.

Board of Directors

Robert Carr

Board Member, Founder and Chairman

Susan Herbst-Murphy

Board Member

Jonathan Watson

Board Member and Treasurer

Michael Parker

Board Member

Richard Clemens

Board Member

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Peter Burns

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