Here at Give Back, we believe that mentoring is a critical ingredient in youth development. Our mentors guide, support, and challenge scholars through their high school years. Diana Archer, a Children Youth Services Coordinator and one of our mentors at the Osborne Association, is an exceptional example of a mentor who goes above and beyond to help her kids succeed.

Diana has been working with youth since she graduated from college with a Bachelor’s in Elementary Education. Before coming to the Osborne Association, she worked as a Third Grade Teacher and a Career Counselor, as well as at a child mental health agency where she paired cases with social workers. Her range of work experiences in providing direct services to youth prepared her for her role at the Osborne Association, one of the leading organizations in New York City providing support to families and children whose lives are touched by incarceration.

Diana began her work at the Osborne Association by planning prison visits for youth with incarcerated parents. Recognizing the gap in life skills programming available for youth and children with incarcerated parents, Diana expanded her work by organizing workshops and recreational activities for youth ages 5 to 18. In addition to her work with youth, she recently began assisting with the Osborne monthly support group for caregivers.

Diana became more involved with the college-bound youth by making the Osborne Association’s partnership with Give Back a reality. Give Back selected three Osborne youth to be its first scholarship recipients in New York, “a number”, Diana holds, “that will continue to grow”. This year, Diana is mentoring a junior and a senior student alongside long-time Osborne volunteer Elaine Connelly.

“I want our youth to take the Give Back opportunity and achieve careers,” Diana said regarding the Osborne and Give Back partnership. “I want to see them as Computer Technicians or Engineers. I want them to become role models for their parents and siblings and to show the world what they’ve achieved. I hope they give back to Give Back or found their own Osborne chapter. The future is theirs.”

Thank you, Diana, for helping Give Back provide better educational opportunities for New York youth with incarcerated parents.