Give Back is excited to introduce its newest board member, John Murphy. Murphy spent the past 32 years in marketing and sales management in the Higher Education industry. John was one of the founders of  TouchNet Information Systems, a software company focused on the real-time integration of e-commerce systems within the higher education market. TouchNet helps over 800 colleges and universities automate their myriad of payments securely, and makes the payment process more efficient and intuitive for students and their parents.


It was at TouchNet where Murphy met Give Something Back founder, Robert Carr. In 2014, TouchNet was acquired by Heartland Payment Systems, where Carr was CEO. Over the years, the two spent significant time discussing Give Back and the importance that college should be attainable for qualified students, regardless of their economic circumstances. John became intrigued with the opportunity to literally “give something back” to the higher education industry that he and the company he helped start had served for so many years.


In 2017, Murphy decided to step away from TouchNet to focus on philanthropic endeavors, and was asked to be on the board of Give Something Back.


According to Carr, “John lives with the mantra, ‘live for others, not yourself.’ He is a dynamic thinker who has engaged with hundreds of colleges all over the country. John’s extensive background in higher education and finance, and his passion for education will help propel Give Something Back into an organization with a national reputation.” Added Carr, “We are beyond grateful that he is committing to being a distinguished member of our board.”


John grew up in St. Louis and earned a BSBA in finance from the University of Missouri using student loans. In 1985, he moved to Kansas City to launch his career at Merrill Lynch, before joining TouchNet in 1990. John and his wife, Connie, are enjoying their empty nest status as both their son and daughter are out of college and gainfully employed. John is looking forward to helping Give Back achieve its goals while pursuing hobbies of cooking, cycling, guitar playing and traveling.