As winter soon draws to a close and the busy spring season is upon us, we are here to lend you a few tips and tricks to land that perfect summer job. Though the spring is full of lots of excitement, the pressure of balancing the end of a school year and finding a job to occupy your summer months can be difficult. Here are just a few pieces of advice to keep in mind doing your search.

Create a résumé.

Although building a résumé can seem daunting, it is the first and most crucial step to presenting yourself professionally. Do not be afraid to ask for guidance from school aids, friends or family. Everyone at some point or another has been in your shoes. The experience and perspective of a more seasoned professional can help to structure a great first resume, regardless of your level of experience.

Don’t put a limit on how many jobs you apply for.

There is no such thing as “too many options.” Be open-minded during the job search, as you may surprise yourself with what interests you and what you may be skilled at. This may be only your first or second job, so it is important to apply to a large array of positions to open up further opportunities.

Ask for help.

The first steps in the job search can be intimidating, as it is often difficult to know where to begin. Remember that you have willing, experienced adults in your community who would be more than happy to lead you in the right direction. There is no shame in asking for a little guidance as you are navigating the real-world for the first time.

Be willing and flexible.

Often one of the first questions an employer may ask is how many hours you are available to work. First and foremost, be as available as possible. A willing, hard-working individual does not go unnoticed, and employers appreciate a newcomer is who available to work the long, undesirable hours. Though at first this flexibility will be difficult to maintain, it always proves valuable as you enter full-time positions and have already shown a strong work ethic and loyalty to your employer.

Be yourself.

As cliché as the phrase may be, it is essential to present your truest self to potential employers. Be professional, but be genuinely you. Employers want to get to know the individual that they will be working with so that they can ensure it is the right fit. The more authentic you are during phone or in-person interviews, the easier the process of finding the right position will be.

Finally, remember that though starting out in the working world deems daunting and full of uncertainty, there are lasting rewards that come from your first real-world job experience. You will learn time management, professional etiquette, and the importance of initial experience before you begin applying to colleges and planning for your future. Look at this job search as a time of preparation for the unpredictable excitement that your futures hold!