Action Show Aficionado, Aspiring Nurse, and Give Back Scholar

Amidst the chaos of finals, an ongoing global pandemic, and preparing for the new school year, relaxing your mind and recharging your batteries is not always a walk in the park. But prioritizing your mental health and making time for the things you enjoy most is essential for your overall success and wellbeing.

This summer, Give Back scholar Deborah Hawj spent time recharging and de-stressing with her family on an action-packed trip through Georgia and South Carolina. A rising freshman at Baker University in Kansas, Deborah flew from her hometown in Kansas City to meet her relatives in Atlanta, Georgia. Together, they traveled to South Carolina, where they spent time tubing, trail walking in Greenville, hiking at Pretty Place, and swimming at Myrtle Beach.

“I’ve never been to the beach before so it was really fun,” said Deborah. “The moments we spent there were precious. All the laughter and smiles–they’re memories that I won’t forget.”

While she’s been to Georgia before for family reunions, this was the first time that Deborah was able to spend some time there sightseeing and going on new adventures with the people she loves most. And between working at Panera and getting ready for her first year at college, this little getaway was the perfect summertime remedy for her mental health in preparation for the busy year to come.

“I usually try to spend as much time as I can having fun during my summer break to prepare for school, and spending time with my friends and family is the best way that I can relax,” Deborah added. “But I’m looking forward to making new friends in college this September, and being able to end the semester well and pursue my dreams.”

Whether it’s building sandcastles, trekking through the forest, or binge watching her favorite action-packed Netflix series, Deborah always makes sure to set aside time for herself and her mental health during the summer to recharge her batteries for a fun and successful year to come.

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