julie_tnWe are excited to introduce a new addition to the Give Back staff, Julie Branchaw. Before joining Give Back, Julie spent fifteen years in higher education at the University of St. Francis and Lewis University, two of Give Back’s partner schools.

An Illinois Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC), with a Master of Arts in School Counseling and Clinical Psychology, Julie brings years of experience working with individuals suffering from anxiety, depression and sexual abuse. Though she initially worked as a counselor for graduate and transfer admissions, she decided to transition to work with undergrad students.

“I always wanted to work with kids in the middle, whose parents may not be pushing them to do their best,” Julie said. “They may also believe they are not capable or deserving of college.”

Julie’s boss at Lewis University was our very own Bob Tucker, Deputy Director of the Midwest Give Back program. She respected the work Bob was doing with Give Back and when she expressed interest in getting involved, Julie was invited to participate on the board conducting interviews with the high school freshmen to become Give Back Scholars in 2018.

From there, she attended the annual Give Back scholar dinner and was moved by the work of Give Back and the impact it has on students across the country.

“I wanted to be a part of it,” Julie said, noting the work of Give Back Founder and CEO Bob Carr.

Julie believes the most powerful resource to help the marginalized or neglected is just one caring adult. Joining Give Back has provided Julie the opportunity to merge her prior counseling experience with the educational and developmental resources of Give Back.

We are so excited to have Julie’s knowledge, experiences and shared passion in our mission as we work towards expanding our efforts to touch more lives and provide brighter futures for youth across the country.