I was delighted to hear from so many fellow Fighting Illini recently after my alma mater, the University of Illinois, re-posted an article about the Give Something Back Foundation on its Facebook page.

The post garnered nearly 1,500 “likes, ”160 “shares” and dozens of supportive comments from alumni. Thank you to all for helping spread the word!


Back in the day, the scholarship money I received not only helped offset some of the costs of college, but more importantly also provided the motivation to challenge myself to reach higher goals. With that college degree I was able to land a good job, which led to the success that has enabled me to send students of modest means to college. In my opinion, those scholarship gifts keep on giving.

A college education opens doors and I believe all kids deserve the same chance. That’s why I’m as committed as ever to achieve my goal of helping at least 1,000 Pell-Grant eligible students get to college and graduate in four years debt free.

Thanks again for your kind words of encouragement!