Follow along with us as we take a personal dive into a typical school week for Give Back scholar, Angel (right). Angel is a sophomore at Newtown High School in Queens, New York. The oldest of three children, Angel enjoys playing the piano, studying and playing sports. When she is not doing schoolwork or learning the piano, she loves spending time with her friends and family. Let’s step into Angel’s shoes for the day.


Though Sunday’s are typically a day of relaxation before a new school week begins, Angel is focused hard on her future and spends a few hours of her day in Chinese prep class. Once her weekly lesson wraps up, she likes to spend the rest of the day at home with friends (and meeting her friend’s new guinea pig!).


Give Back encourages scholars to experiment with various activities to learn what they are interested in, often guiding their future college pursuits. As the week begins, Angel stays busy after school, attending science club, building robotics, and planting.


Following her after school activities, Angel goes home to relax and wind down for the rest of the evening. Typically, she begins her Tuesday’s visiting a tutor at school to learn about world history. The curriculum often pairs a reading with questions, as seen below. The small quizzes help to keep Angel’s memory fresh as she absorbs hours of information on different countries, conflicts, and world leaders. Give Back is lucky to partner with high schools that offer extra resources for tutoring and we rely on our strong partnerships with guidance counselors to help pair students up with those opportunities.


In the morning, Angel walks to school, as living in New York City involves a lot of walking. She attends AP World History, after having a couple hours of review and tutoring the day before. After, she tackles the “POW” (problem of the week), which in this case, focused on dilation.


At the end of a full week, Angel loves to spend time with her friends. Though the Give Back curriculum and mentor initiatives stress the importance of a well-rounded education, our staff finds it’s just as important for our scholars to spend time just being a teenager. Throughout her week, Angel balances school work and helping out at home with piano lessons, science club, and simply hanging out with friends. Angel is also an active participant in her Give Back mentor group at Newtown High School.

Thanks for tagging along to see what a few days looks like in the life of one of our scholars!