Melissa Hughes, the Program Director for Give Something Back in Florida.

Melissa Hughes is the Program Director for the Give Something Back program in Florida. Melissa earned her Bachelor of Arts from Kent State University before going on to obtain a Master of Science, a Master of Arts, and a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Akron. She began her career as an elementary school teacher in a suburb of Akron, Ohio before working as the Director of Marketing and Communications for an educational publishing company. Since leaving the classroom, Melissa has researched and written extensively on neuroscience, brain function, and those factors which either enhance or impede cognition, creativity, communication, and motivation. Prior to joining the GSB team, she traveled around the country delivering keynote addresses and professional development grounded in her books, Happy Hour with Einstein and Happier Hour with Einstein: Another Round.

Melissa’s passion for Give Something Back is rooted in her volunteer work with disadvantaged kids. She volunteered at The Relatives in Charlotte, NC and has served as a Guardian ad Litem (GAL) in Florida since 2015. Melissa has experienced first-hand — and vicariously through the new GALs she has mentored — how rewarding it is to make a difference in the life of a child. She firmly believes that all children deserve a champion who believes in them and invests in them so they may reach their full potential and that each of us can be that champion. Currently, Melissa lives in Naples, Florida. She is an avid reader, writer, and vlogger and she enjoys anything served with a side of sunshine.

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