Colleges and universities around America succeed in getting students to attend their institution after high school, but getting them to stay there is an even bigger challenge. Give Something Back has partnered with Mercy College precisely because of its commitment to serve a diverse student body with an innovative mentoring initiative.  With a beautiful campus and a mission to serve financially disadvantaged students, Mercy College is a place where students can find community and support throughout their college years.

Mercy College is located in Dobbs Ferry, New York, a quick train ride up the Hudson Valley to a rolling campus by the river.  In the last three years, Mercy has unrolled its PACT (Personalized Achievement Contract) program designed to provide holistic support from professional mentors to students from pre-enrollment coaching through post-graduation planning. The support provided during this transition period is crucial to our Give Back Scholars, who are first generation students and face adversity.

Since its inception in 2009, PACT mentoring has boosted the college’s retention rate by 10 percent. PACT mentors are academic guides and all-around resources.  They offer students a single point of contact to navigate campus life, career exploration and professional planning.

Central to its founding mission, Mercy College is committed to providing motivated students with the tools they need to transform their lives through higher education. The institution has become a leader in producing personalized and high-quality learning environments. It is not only highly ranked for affordability, online excellence, and the quality of student and academic programs, but also for providing fair access to first generation and adult students. All these qualities accommodate Give Back scholars’ needs in New York.

In addition to offering the support and resources that students need, Mercy College has a beautiful campus with the student center, residential dorms, athletic spaces, and central green that makes a liberal arts college experience so special. Nearby is a main street with boutiques, restaurants and hangout spots, as well as the scenic Old Croton Aqueduct Trail that runs through campus. Mercy College faculty, staff, and administration have dedicated themselves to serving students and helping them graduate on time with a plan for the future and we hope to continue this partnership for years to come.