The Kansas Scholarship Process

To qualify for the Give Back scholarship program, students must show that they can meet a weighted GPA standard of 3.0.  Additionally, they need to be eligible for a full Pell Grant.  Factors contributing to eligibility include household income and family size.  Part of our application process includes a tool that will help applicants understand their Pell Grant eligibility.  

It can be a little complicated – but we can help.

In Kansas, during your ninth grade year:

  • September – November 2020 
    Please  watch the video below which will detail our scholarship and the requirements to apply.
  • SEPTEMBER – NOVEMBER 2020If you are interested in applying for the Give Something Back scholarship, please fill out the Give Back Student Interest Form.
  • Complete the Giveback Eligibility Calculator by December 15th, 2020We partner with Kaleidoscope to help families understand if they are forecasted to be Pell Grant eligible at the college application time.  This form is best completed with the student and parent/guardian (if applicable) together and will ask for tax information from 2019.
  • Complete the Giveback Scholarship application Before February 28th, 2021If your household meets financial eligibility requirements, Giveback will ask you to complete an online application which will include report cards, essays and letters of reference.   The online application is available here (

    If you are unable to complete the application online, please reach out to us at 

    The application requires household financial information (tax returns), grade reports (current and 2 previous years), and reference letters (one school reference and one personal, out of school reference).  Additionally, if you have any of the special circumstances that we look for (homelessness, foster care, incarcerated parent), please prepare to provide documentation of those circumstances.

  • april-MAY 2021If you are selected for further consideration, Giveback will schedule a one-on-one interview.  Applicants will be notified of the scholarship committee’s final decision before summer break.